Virtual Summer Camp

Virtual Summer Camp 2021 

Weekly themes for kids ages 7 – 15.  Join CinemKidz for one camp or experience the entire summer for  in-depth learning.  Need help planning your experience?  Give us a call and we can suggest a Summer Track.

Online Camps Available June 7  – August 27

Full and Half Day Options

CinemaKidz Online Summer Camps

Explore film, media, and art from anywhere.


(serving children throughout the United States)


14 week-long themes to choose from, running June 7th to August 27th.  Join virtual summer camp for the full day: 9am – 11am and 12:30pm to 2:30pm or for the half day session.  Take your online learning for kids to the next level with our curated Maker Kits. Join us for virtual camps this summer and earn CK-Media-Badges in each specialty.  Earn them all to become a CK Media Guru, and win a free week of camp!  Earn different Media Badges each week, as you master different topics including: coding, art direction, cinematography, editing, storytelling, costume design, and more!

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Offering Virtual Camps Nationwide

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CinemaKidz offers the best summer day camp in New York City for children ages 5-15, and now as a Virtual Summer Camp for children across the country.  Our trained teaching artists guide campers through the fundamentals of filmmaking, animation, and creative expression.  Whether your child has a passion for acting, costume design, YouTube, or creating art with their hands, our virtual summer camps are designed for everyone and every interest. Campers are encouraged to trust their imaginations and refine their unique vision at each stage of the creative process.

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Virtual Summer Camp Themes

Certification badges offered in a variety of  specialties

Choose a Theme + Schedule

We have a camp for every creative kid, choose from 14 themes.  Next, pick your specialization/Badge for the week.  Offering full day and half day camp options, from 9-11am EST and/or 12:30 – 2:30pm EST.  Join anytime during the summer for a creative fun camp experience!

Kits Mailed To Your Door

Camps come with an optional CK Maker Kit equipped with high quality technology and artist materials for a truly hands on experience.  Some camps include the Kit, noted in the online summer camp description.  Materials are mailed directly to you, anywhere in the USA, and arrive prior to camp.

Bring the learning home

Taught by experienced educators and industry professionals, your child will work with creative kids from all over the country!  Every week begins with an info and IT session so parents and children are prepared for the week(s) ahead in regards to software, equipment setup and more!

Creative Filmmaking

Stop-motion Animation

Computer Animation

YouTube Production

Art Direction: Props, Costumes, and Effects

Cooking Show

After Effects & Special Effects

Video Game Design: Scratch

Virtual Gameshow

Adobe Photoshop: GIFS, Rotoscoping, and Graphic Design

Acting for Film

Roblox Game Development

Video Editing + Cinematography

Special Effects Make-up

Storyboarding + Comics

Podcasting + The Radio Play

Superhero Productions

Comedy + Skits

A day in the life of a CinemaKid!

A day at Camp Cinemakidz is jam-packed with activities and fun!  Sign up for a half-day or experience the full week, gaining valuable S.T.E.A.M. skills, as we work together to make a variety of projects.  CinemaKidz offers the best online summer camps and virtual classes serving thousands of children nationwide. Virtual camps are small, engaging, and can be paired with a special CK Maker Kit, taking your hands-on home-learning to the next level.

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Earn CK Media Badges and Specialize

Earn CK-Media-Badges in each specialty. Earn them all to become a CK Media Guru, and win a free week of camp! Master different topics including: coding, art direction, cinematography, editing, storytelling, costume design, and more! Take a variety of themes or take your favorite camp over again and specialize in something different.

virtual summer camp activities

S.T.E.A.M. Curriculum

Kids master a variety of creative techniques as they work on projects that are important to them. Virtual camps are inter-disciplinary so kid can explore a variety of topics including: literacy, technology, art, engineering, and more. We teach our young media enthusiasts to become proficient with the tools and skills needed to express themselves creatively. We guide our campers through the entire creative process, focusing on content that's important to them. All projects are kid-made from start to finish, giving your child the confidence to turn their creativity and imagination into a finished product they can be proud of.

virtual summer camp for kids

Taught by industry professionals

Our team is made up of true artists, filmmakers, industry professionals and experienced educators. We cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques. We staff at a small ratio to ensure campers get the attention they need. Counselors are all 18+, background checked, and thoroughly trained using our signature curriculum to ensure an amazing experience at any age or skill level. With hundred of hours of virtual camp and class experience, we're sure your child will enjoy the virtual camp experience in 2021.

virtual art classes for kids

Optional CK-Maker Kit

Most camps come with an optional CK Maker Kit, while a few include the kit when the materials are required and very specialized. Maker Kits include a high-quality, carefully curated bundle of materials specific to each class. We highly recommend that you choose to purchase the kit for the best virtual camp experience, but you do not need tp purchase it more than once if you are taking the same theme multiple times. For questions regarding the kits, please give us a call or shoot us an email!

summer camps for kids in nyc

Beginners to Advanced creators

Our camps are broken up by age and ability. Teachers are well-versed in teaching all levels from the novice filmmaker to the experienced media master. Children use accessible equipment and software that teaches the fundamentals of filmmaking and animation, with programs ranging from iMovie to Adobe Suite!

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Frequently Asked Questions

My child has a special request, or topic they want to learn about.

Great!  We love to learn about what kids are passionate about.  Because the CK staff are so experienced, and have a  diverse set of skills and background, we can work closely with your child and help them learn more about what they’re passionate about!  Want to learn all about editing, or focus on cinematography for the week?  Sounds great, we will teach you all about it!

If I sign my child up for two weeks of Creative Filmmaking, will it be the same camp again?

Nope!  When you register for camp, you will have the option to select which badge you are earning, and what your child will focus on that week.  Take the same theme multiple times and specialize in different elements of the topic!  Every week is completely different, because the story ideas and projects vary greatly with the creative minds of the group.  You can sign up for Creative Filmmaking for all 8 weeks and never do the same thing!

I have a 13 year old, will there be other kids their age?

Yes!  We have campers of all ages, ranging from 5 to 15 years old.  Children are grouped with children of the same age and ability.

What technology is used to tune in to Virtual Camp?

CinemaKidz Virtual Summer Camps are conducted via Zoom, and utilize a variety of free softwares to make the experience truly engaging.  We have served over 2000 children and run hundred of hours of programs, and have built a very successful engaging virtual experience for kids.  Kids can see one another, chat freely, collaborate and interact.

Do I need any special cameras or computers for the class?

Classes have a recommended or required list of devices in the class description.  While some classes require a computer, most can be joined with a variety of devices.  For any film theme, we highly recommend having a portable device available; a iPad or tablet, or a smartphone.  For questions regarding your setup, please give us a call, we are here to help!

How many kids are in a camp?

We cap each section at 8 children, and kids are grouped with children close in age.  

We go to Imagination Playground, or the the Brooklyn Bridge Park via the water taxi.

How are kids grouped at camp?

Children are grouped by age and ability.  This ensures our teachers are focusing on relevant, age-appropriate filmmaking and animation techniques.  Kids also have time to come together with the other camps, and interact with both older and younger kids at times.

How big is the camp?

Sections are generally from 10 – 15 children.  We keep each theme small and intimate so that kids have a lot of creative input, get the attention they need from the teachers, and they don’t get lost in the crowd.  It ensures a safe and successful week.  Some camps are extremely limited due to how much attention the content needs from the teachers.

Do you provide independent work outside of camp?

We encourage campers to continue to work on their projects between sessions and even after camp, but it is not required.

Camp is expensive, do you offer financial aid and discounts?

We try to make summer camp accessible to all students regardless of financials.  We do offer financial aid on a case-by-case basis, shoot us an email or give us a call to discuss your financial needs.


We also offer various promotions and discounts to make coming to camp a little easier.

What is your refund policy?

Due to a changing world, we have updated our refund policy to be more accommodating for an uncertain time.  Please refer to the following:


  • Before April 1st = Full Refund (minus 6% administration + credit card fees)
  • April 1st – May 1st = 50% Refund 
  • May st – June 1st = 25% Refund
  • June 1st onward = Refunds will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis


In the event that in-person summer camp does not run for any reason, you will be provided with a full refund or a credit, depending on what you choose.


**At any time, you may switch your camp experience to virtual camp and for any week it is offered, as long as there is space in the virtual options.

Thanks for your interest in CinemaKidz! 

Send us a message and we'll get back to you soon! 

Or give us a call at 347-699-6401