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NYC Film, Animation and Media Summer Camps 2019

Camp Details:

Pine Street School

25 Pine Street, NY NY 10005


June 24 – August 23rd, 2019

9am – 4pm

At Camp CinemaKidz children become Directors, Filmmakers, Movie-Stars, Art Directors, Animators, and more.

CinemaKidz offers the best Creative Summer Camp for kids ages 5-15.  Our trained teaching artists guide campers through the fundamentals of filmmaking and creative expression.  Whether your child has a passion for acting, costume design, using technology, or creating art with their hands, our camps are designed for everyone and every interest.

Campers are encouraged to trust their imaginations and refine their unique vision at each stage of the creative process.  Summer Camp themes are age-appropriate and hands on, children take the creative reigns and learning-by-doing, in a team-oriented and encouraging environment!

Filmmaking Camps

Kids learn filmmaking techniques from start to finish. We pay special attention to each child, making sure participants learn the tools they are passionate about.

Animation Camps

Learn Computer Animation using professional software, or build props and movie sets with your hands in our Stop-motion Animation camp.

Specialty Themes

Specialty camps include an Adventure Camp, a Girl's Week Camp, a Skateboard movie making camp, and Youtube Production class, and more!

The Perfect Summer Camp For the Creative Kid

CinemaKidz helps your child explore their passions and creativity, in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

best summer camps nyc - Cinemakidz

A Beautiful Accessible Location

Located in FiDi's Pine Street School building

Camp is located in the financial district, easily accessible by nearly all the trains in NYC, as well as the NYC Ferry from upper Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. The school itself is just a few years old, with eco-friendly water dispensers, air conditioning, front entrance security, and the famous Imagination Playground nearby.

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Led by Industry Professionals and Educators

Experienced educators and expert filmmakers

The CK Summer Team is made up of true artists, filmmakers, and experienced educators. Teachers can teach the basics, as well as advanced techniques, making it the best summer camp for all ages and abilities. We staff at a 1:5 ratio to ensure campers get the attention they need. Counselors are all 18+, background checked, and thoroughly trained to ensure your child has the best summer yet!

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Several Themes to Choose From

9 unique themes to choose from

Offering several themes each week including: YouTube Production, Creative Filmmaking, Filmmaking Master's Class, Computer Animation, Stop-motion Animation, a Girl's Week, Adventures in Animation, NYC Movie Adventurers, and even a Skateboard Filmmaking Camp.

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Options to Make it Easier For You

Camp made fun and easy, even for you

We know how hard it can be to get your kid out the door each day AND get to work on time. That’s why CinemaKidz offers transportation options and extended day from 8am to 5:30pm. We have also partnered with Little Green Gourmets to offer catered lunches for the week at an affordable price. In addition, CinemaKidz offers financial aid on a case-by-case basis.

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Kid-Made Projects From Start To Finish

Campers lead the creative process

We teach campers the tools to express themselves creatively, guiding children through the entire process of filmmaking or animation. Kids to take the reigns and are involved in every stop of production. Unlike many filmmaking camps where adults direct, edit, and take over the set, we make sure kids create their own work, and are proud of what they do!

Summer Camp 2019 Theme Offerings

Summer camp sessions are 1-week long, Monday through Friday from 9am – 4pm, with options for extended day.


Cherry pick what weeks and themes you’d like to sign up for, or register for the entire summer for a full-fledged creative experience!


*2-week courses include the Master Classes


**Don’t see a theme offered on the week that you need?  Get in touch and let us know, we can help!

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Creative Filmmaking

Children become directors, actors, cinematographers, and editors, as they learn how to make movies from start to finish.

Section limit: 15

Ages: 5 – 11

Fee: $550

Camp Description

Children become directors, actors, cinematographers, and editors, as they learn how to make movies from start to finish.  Campers are encouraged to stretch their imagination and experiment with the basic techniques of filmmaking in a team-oriented and collaborative environment.  Children are broken into groups by age, interest, and ability. Whether this is your first time making a film, or you are a seasoned and experienced moviemaker, our professional staff teach at all levels and customize the curriculum based on interests.  Children will learn how to tell stories using video, work on set, act, direct, and edit several videos. We encourage children to think out of the box, experiment, and play with the creative medium. This is the camp where children find their passions and fall in love with film.  

Themes Dates & Registration

Dates Offered:

June 24 – 28, July 8 – 12, July 15 – 19 July 22 – 26

August 5 – 9, August 12 – 16,  August 19 – 23


filmmaking classes for kids in NYC

Adventures in Animation

Come explore various techniques of stop-motion animation in our week long animation-workshop!

Section Limit: 15

Ages: 5 – 11

Fee: $550

Camp Description

This camp is for the maker, builder, and imaginative kid!  Come explore various techniques of stop-motion animation in our week long animation-workshop! Campers create abstract and narrative tales with a wide range of materials including: legos, clay, architectural modeling materials, wire, foam, and more!  Campers build mini-movie sets and learn how to light them. We encourage children to experiment with different camera angles, add special effects, sounds and music. Children also build larger props from wire, cloth, and paper mache shot inside a green screen set just like what the pros do!  This is a really fun class for kids with big imaginations. Anything is possible when inanimate objects come to life.

Themes Dates & Registration

Dates Offered:

June 24 – 28, July 15 – 19 July 29 – Aug 2

August 5 – 9, August 19 – 23

best summer camps in new york state - Cinemakidz

Filmmaking Master Class

Focusing on advanced pre-production, production, and post-production techniques used by industry professionals.

Section Limit: 15

Ages: 8 – 15

Fee: $1050 for 2-weeks

Camp Description

This two-week class is for the passionate movie maker.  Focusing on advanced pre-production, production, and post-production techniques used by industry professionals.  This masterclass takes a deeper look at creative expression through film. Using professional equipment, students learn the fundamentals of storytelling, cinematography, and editing as they direct and star in their very own short films.  We help campers take their ideas from storyboard… to script… to the big screen. Campers learn and experiment with various cinematography techniques and get hands-on experience using industry tools including Adobe Premier and After Effects.  Campers will create several short films and one longer project over the course of the two weeks. These projects are child driven from start to finish, kids get to explore the medium and utilize the tools to tell their story.

Themes Dates & Registration

Dates Offered:


July 8 – 19

July 29 – August 9th

best summer camps in new york city - Cinemakidz

Animator’s Master Class

Our stop-motion animation Master Class is for kids that want to take their stop motion films to the next level.

Section Limit: 15

Ages: 8 – 15

Fee: $1050 for 2-weeks

Camp Description

Our stop-motion animation Master Class is for kids that want to take their stop motion films to the next level. In this two week camp, we work with green screens, light boxes, and wide array of props – even repurposed and discarded items take on a new life in this exciting and imaginative camp.  We build virtual worlds and tell stories using a wide array of materials and create several animated shorts. Think Toy Story, or Star Wars… with puppets? If your kid can think of it, stop motion animation can bring it to life.

Themes Dates & Registration

Dates Offered:


July 8 – 19

July 29 – August 9th

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NYC Movie Adventurers

Moviemakers go off the beaten path to film and experience secret hidden landmarks around New York City.

Section Limit: 10

Ages: 8 – 15

Fee: $650

Camp Description

For the adventurous kid and creative explorer.  Moviemakers go off the beaten path to film and experience secret hidden landmarks around New York City.  The week begins with a pre-production meeting, where kids brainstorm and present their “elevator pitches” and movie ideas to the group.  Next, the mini-movie makers select locations from the CK approved list of sites. To name a few: Fort Tilden Beach, the Roosevelt Island Abandoned Castle, the Staten Island Boardwalk, Greenwood cemetery, and more.  Participants travel to set each day, filming with 4K cameras, professional sound equipment, and other tools for filming in outdoor locations. Back at camp, kids edit the footage using professional software, adding sound and special effects!  

Themes Dates & Registration

Dates Offered:

June 24 – 28, July 15 – 19 July 22 – 26, July 29 – Aug 2

August 12 – 16,  August 19 – 23

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Computer Animation

Bring your ideas and imagination to life with our introduction to computer animation!

Section Limit: 10

Ages: 8 – 15

Fee: $600

Camp Description

Bring your ideas and imagination to life with our introduction to computer animation!  This week-long camp taught by industry professionals, utilizes the latest tools of the trade. Campers learn to design original characters, and bring them to life using techniques such as live-motion capture, puppetry, and vector animation!  Campers will love watching their characters mimic their own live motions in real-time, and this opens their eyes to a whole new level of storytelling and creativity. Kids work in small groups creating several animated shorts, then professional microphones and audio equipment are used to add voice overs and sound effects.   Campers will create several animated shorts using Adobe Photoshop, Character, and Animate.  

Themes Dates & Registration

Dates Offered:

July 22 – 26, July 29 – Aug 2

August 12 – 16

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YouTube Series Production

Children learn tools necessary to create content for their favorite social platforms

Section Limit: 10

Ages: 7 – 15

Fee: $600

Camp Description

Always wanted to be a YouTuber and have 10,000+ followers?  Want to take your videos to the next level by learning from professional filmmakers?  This class steps away from narrative filmmaking, and focuses on content and techniques that your kid is passionate about.  From how-to videos, product reviews, and cooking shows, to tv series, news broadcasts, and gamer videos, the CK team will teach your child the tools necessary to create content for their favorite social platforms.  Professional teaching artists work closely with your child, building skills to create videos that they care about.

Themes Dates & Registration

Dates Offered:

June 8 – 12, July 22 – 26, July 29 – Aug 2

August 5 – 9

affordable summer camps nyc - cinemakidz

Female Filmmakers

Learn about and practice making movies from start to finish.

Section Limit: 15

Ages: 6 – 13

Fee: $550

Camp Description

At CinemaKidz, we believe the female perspective is vital to the world around us.  As a female-owned program, we are always working towards closing the professional gender gap.   CinemaKidz fosters a creative environment where girls feel confident to use various technologies, take risks, and have fun making films!  In this special girls-only week, filmmakers have the opportunity to direct, act, run camera, and edit, using a wide variety of software and equipment.  Girls will work together to produce 2 large projects.

Themes Dates & Registration

Dates Offered:

July 22 – 26

August 12 – 16

best summer camps nyc - Cinemakidz

Skateboard Films

Make your own skateboard, and star in and make your own skateboard videos.

Section Limit: 15

Ages: 7 – 15

Fee: $600 (includes a skateboard!)

Camp Description

Adventure, fun, and the outdoors awaits you at CK Skateboard Filmmaking Camp!  Campers start off the week designing their very own decks. Working with real tools, they’ll add trucks, wheels and custom griptape. They’ll learn the basics on safety and keeping their boards tuned in tip-top shape!  Next, a professional skater shows campers how to ride safely and then it’s time to ride! Using dolly’s, shoulder mounts, GoPros, 4k cameras, kids head outside to film each other shred! Campers then edit, add music and special effects to their footage creating an awesome skateboard video to share with their friends.  

Themes Dates & Registration

Dates Offered:

June 8 – 12, July 22 – 26,

August 5 – 9

Special Promotions and Fees


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Offering a $50 sibling discount, and $100 off if you register by February 15th.


A 25% deposit is due to register

Check out projects from Summer 2018!


completely kid-made, and kid-approved


Options to Make it a Little Easier For You

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Healthy Lunch Plans

We’ve partnered with Little Green Gourmet to deliver healthy warm lunches to camp for your child!  A weekly meal plan including lunch and an afternoon snack is $50+ tax.  Please email us for a sample menu.

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Extended Day Options

Offering Early bird & Late Bird beginning at 8am, and until 5:30pm.  Activities include coding, personal film projects, claymation, and more!  Sign up for just one or two days, or for the entire week.

summer camp programs nyc - cinemakidz

Transportation Services

Busy morning?  CinemaKidz offers transportation from Upper Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights.  Daily and weekly sign up options!  For more information, shoot us a message.

A Dynamic Day Full Of Fun For Every Child

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Gaining Confidence with Technology

At Summer Camp, kids utilize a wide variety of equipment, software, and practice complex workflow processes. By exploring and experimenting, children gain a real sense of confidence as they master the craft.

Practicing Collaboration and Leadership Skills

Campers are encouraged to work together on projects, both in small groups and as a larger camp. Children practice working as a team, as well as being the Leader.

Kids Build Soft Skills at CinemaKidz

Film is a great medium to build soft skills. Throughout the week, children practice communication, working as a team, organizing and planning, and more.

Questions? Get in Touch:








Call: 347-699-6401

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you go outside each day?

Yes!  We make sure to go outside each day after lunch to enjoy the sun and burn off some energy.  Outdoor time consists of both structured games, as well as free time to run around.  Often we bring the cameras to get some outdoor footage, and kids have the opportunity to work on independent projects during this time as well.


Some of our camps spend a large part of the day outside, including NYC Movie Adventurers, and the Skateboard Filmmaking camp.


We go to Imagination Playground, or the the Brooklyn Bridge Park via the water taxi.

How are kids grouped at camp?

Children are grouped by age and ability.  This ensures our teachers are focusing on relevant, age-appropriate filmmaking and animation techniques.  Kids also have time to come together with the other camps, and interact with both older and younger kids at times.

How big is the camp?

Sections are generally from 10 – 15 children.  We keep each theme small and intimate so that kids have a lot of creative input, get the attention they need from the teachers, and they don’t get lost in the crowd.  It ensures a safe and successful week.  Some camps are extremely limited due to how much attention the content needs from the teachers.


What should I bring to camp?

We send out a helpful list of what to bring closer to camp time, but generally we ask parents to bring the following items:


  • A change of clothes (in case we get into some water)
  • Sunscreen
  • A book
  • Comfortable closed toe sneakers
  • A re-usable water bottle
Camp is expensive, do you offer financial aid and discounts?

We try to make summer camp accessible to all students regardless of financials.  We do offer financial aid on a case-by-case basis, shoot us an email or give us a call to discuss your financial needs.


We also offer various promotions and discounts to make coming to camp a little easier.

My child has a special request, or topic they want to learn about.

Great!  We love to learn about what kids are passionate about.  Because the CK staff are so experienced, and have a  diverse set of skills and background, we can work closely with your child and help them learn more about what they’re passionate about!  Want to learn all about editing, or focus on cinematography for the week?  Sounds great, we will teach you all about it!

If I sign my child up for two weeks of Creative Filmmaking, will it be the same camp again?

Nope!  Every week is completely different, because the story ideas and needed film techniques vary with the creative minds of the group.  You can sign up for Cinnessentials for all 7 weeks and never do the same thing!

I have a 13 year old, will there be other kids their age?

Yes!  We have campers of all ages, ranging from 5 to 15 years old.  Children are grouped with children of the same age and ability.

How do the kids travel around for the outdoor camps?

Camps is just two blocks from the Wall Street Ferry Terminal, during the summer we travel by water as much as we can.  Its fun for the kids, and also extremely safe.


Other times we may take the train, but we choose easy to get to locations on 1 train line, and staff at a 1:5 ratio to ensure kids are being supervised and are safely traveling.

Where do campers go during NYC Movie Adventurers?

The CK team has scouted out NYC, and found some really special and cinematic locations for kids to choose from when planning their production.  Email us and we will send you the full list of locations!

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