Film and Media After School Programs in NYC and Beyond

Bridging Technology and creativity with hands-on, child-led programming


Filmmaking, Animation, and Interdisciplinary Classes for Children Ages 5 to 15.

The Cinemakidz after school program is a hands on maker experience designed to provide children with the opportunity to explore the art of film and animation.  An afternoon with us opens up opportunities to build, create, act, design props, explore storytelling, utilize technology, and most importantly express oneself creatively.  Included in our program are the basic tenants of STEM: planning, exploring options, making repairs, and finishing your work, while fostering self-reliance, problem solving, confidence and creativity.  Now offering Virtual After School Classes for children throughout the country as well as Outdoor After School classes in NYC!

steam Afterschool classes in NYC

After School Classes Outdoors

Spring 2022 classes held outdoors in the Park!

Get outdoors and get creative with CinemaKidz this spring, as we make movies, props, costumes, animations and more. After School classes are offered everyday of the week once a week for the fall, winter, and spring semesters. Classes run between 8 - 12 sessions, and classes are 1.5 hours long. Offering local school pickups, and aftercare.

filmmaking classes for kids

Private Group After School & Weekend Classes

In-home and Outdoor options

Want to organize a private group class for your child and their friends? Does your child want to learn the ins and outs of moviemaking or other creative media forms? We offer in-home and outdoor after school classes with a customized curriculum to fit the interests of the participants. CinemaKidz provides all the necessary equipment to run a successful class, lead by a professional educator and team member. Please email to inquire about options.

Afterschool classes for kids Brooklyn

Virtual Classes

Bring the learning home

Bring CinemaKidz classes to the comfort of your own home, offered to children throughout the country and for a variety of time zones. Small, live, interactive classes teaching real film, animation, and media skills children can continue to work on beyond just the class.

Creative Filmmaking

School Partnerships

In-Person or Virtual Classes & Workshops

CinemaKidz partners with schools & programs throughout the country to bring a wide variety of STEAM and technology-based after school classes and media workshops to students in grades K through 8. From filmmaking and animation to puppetry and cooking show classes, we have a class that will fit your community! Get in touch for more details!

Have an idea for a special class or workshop you’d like CinemaKidz to facilitate?


We can customize a class to fit the needs of your community.

In-Person NYC Spring After School Classes 2022



*Classes are held outside, CinemaKidz brings all the equipment necessary for a successful engaging after school class

Prospect Park ~ 3rd Street & PPW

Williamsburg ~ N 9th and Kent Ave

Central Park ~ w 77th and Central Park West

Get outdoors, get social, and get creative with CinemaKidz this fall in an outdoor after school class in Brooklyn or Manhattan!  Offering a variety of weekly classes ranging in topics from animation to special effects moviemaking.  Programs for ages 6 – 14, children are grouped by age.  CinemaKidz provides all the equipment, and prop making materials necessary for an engaging class.  Offering local school pickups, please inquire regarding availability.  Classes are 1.5 hours long and include a 15 minute opening window so you have time to get to class.  In the event of rain, class will go virtual.  Space is extremely limited, so sign up now!


Also offering private pod options!  Create a customized after school class and schedule for you and your friends, held at a convenient location for you and the group.

Virtual Classes for kids in 2022

Cinemakidz Virtual classes provide a fun and interactive way to explore filmmaking, acting, storytelling and media from the comfort of your home.  Classes are led by New York City’s best teachers and experts in each subject.  Our team at Cinemakidz has built fun and engaging ways to teach and explore a wide variety of media.  Several classes included the CinemaKidz Maker Kit which provides all the tools necessary for a hands on experience.  We offer a wide variety of courses that encourage children to build skills, get creative, collaborate, and we encourage kids to use these skills outside of the class experience as well!

Some of Our Popular After School Class Programs

Filmmaking Courses

Offering film classes for grades K - 8. Children become Directors, Filmmakers and Movie-stars as they work together to make movies. Kids utilize professional equipment, lights and green screens, as they plan, shoot, write and edit projects ranging from music videos to silent and scripted films.

Animation Courses

CinemaKidz animation classes are hands-on, creative, and collaborative, Children utilize a variety of materials to build props , characters, and fantastical mini movie sets to feature in stop- motion animation films. We also offer computer animation classes, and bring all the necessary equipment to run an engaging class.

TV Production

This class is excellent for children in grades 2 - 8. Participants learn how to produce a tv show as they create an original series—planning art direction, storyboarding, filming, and editing several episodes.


Come play with your food at CinemaKidz! Kids will plan, write, film, and edit an original Cooking Show! Kids head to the test kitchen to try our and experiment with fun recipes including vegetarian sushi, molecular gastronomy, and more.

Special Effects

This class focuses on the tricks and effects in movies. Participants experiment with the medium and a variety of techniques to create original films.


CinemaKidz offers some very unique after school classes that combine film and hands-on crafts! In this course, children build their very own puppet and learn all about voice acting and storytelling as they make a movie using their puppets!

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What makes Our Program Special 

  • Technology Made Easy

    Kids utilize a wide variety of technology, professional equipment, and practice using various software programs. Children gain value skills while learning in a fun, dynamic atmosphere

  • Practice Collaboration

    Working in groups, children practice teamwork and compromise. Children have the opportunity to be director and utilize important leadership skills.

  • Inquiry-Based Learning

    Kids lead the creative process and make the projects from start to finish. Our teachers provide the tools, and guide children through finding the answers to challenges as they arise

  • Building Literacy Skills

    Children learn basic storytelling skills, both reading and writing scripts throughout the class

  • Creative Expression

    We focus on the creative process of filmmaking, and try not to bog children down with the technical stuff. Kids learn to utilize a new tool to express their voice.

  • Showcasing Student Work

    Classes end with a film festival for parents, and sometime the school.

Over 40 Partner Schools in the 5 boroughs & Greater Boston 


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