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Film and Media After School Classes in NYC

Accessible S.T.E.A.M based curricula for children ages 5 – 15

The Cinemakidz after school program is a hands on maker experience designed to provide children with the opportunity to explore the art of film and animation.  An afternoon with us opens up opportunities to build, create, act, design props, explore storytelling, utilize technology, and most importantly express oneself creatively.  Included in our program are the basic tenants of STEM: planning, exploring options, making repairs, and finishing your work, while fostering self-reliance, problem solving, confidence and creativity.

We bring all the materials and equipment necessary for a dynamic, child-driven class.  Our staff are experienced teaching artists, trained to work individually with each participant to pinpoint where their passions and creativity lies.

Bridging Technology and creativity with hands-on, child-led programming

  • Technology Made Easy

    Kids utilize a wide variety of technology, professional equipment, and practice using various software programs. Children gain value skills while learning in a fun, dynamic atmosphere

  • Practice Collaboration

    Working in groups, children practice teamwork and compromise. Children have the opportunity to be director and utilize important leadership skills.

  • Inquiry-Based Learning

    Kids lead the creative process and make the projects from start to finish. Our teachers provide the tools, and guide children through finding the answers to challenges as they arise

  • Building Literacy Skills

    Children learn basic storytelling skills, both reading and writing scripts throughout the class

  • Creative Expression

    We focus on the creative process of filmmaking, and try not to bog children down with the technical stuff. Kids learn to utilize a new tool to express their voice.

  • Showcasing Student Work

    Classes end with a film festival for parents, and sometime the school.

Most Popular Class Offerings

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Creative Filmmaking I

1 – 5 Grade

Children become Directors, Filmmakers and Movie-stars as they work together to make several short fun projects culminating in larger production. Kids utilize professional equipment, lights and green screens, as they plan, shoot, write and edit projects ranging from music videos to silent and scripted films.



Stop-Motion Animation

k – 8 Grade

Adventures in Animation is for the maker in all of us. Children explore their creativity by utilizing a variety of materials to build props , characters, and fantastical mini movie sets to feature in their very own stop- motion animation films. Children even learn to add sound and special effects to their films as they work on post-production.

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Reel TV Production

3 – 8 Grade

Join CinemaKidz and learn how to produce an original tv show to be broadcast on Public Television and YouTube!  Together, kids will create their very own series—planning art direction, storyboarding, filming, and editing several 28 minute-long shows.  Projects will be shared on the CinemaKidz Studios YouTube channel and on BRIC Arts Channel.

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Computer Animation

3- 8 Grade

Children learn to master the Adobe Suite, as they learn to design, draw, and then computerize animated characters to make short films.  From puppetry, to live-motion capture, kids will learn all the professional techniques of computer animation.

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Music Videos

2 – 8 Grade

In this class, students will become Art Directors, Video Editors, Directors, Cinematographers, and Movie-stars as they work in teams to create music videos.  Children will learn to utilize professional equipment including tripods, green screens, lights, and a variety of Art Direction props, to find their creative voice through film. We encourage participants to try new things, take risks, and learn by doing.



Creative Filmmaking II

4 – 8 Grade

This is the advanced Filmmaking class for those who have taken our classes before.  Children dive deeper into pre-production, productions and post-production filmmaking techniques used in professional settings.

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Kid-Made and Kid-Approved Projects From Start To Finish

CK Staff guide children through the process of filmmaking, teaching the technology and tools through a project-based curricula.  Children are involved in every step of the process and teachers give children the space to explore the medium, experiment, make mistakes, and learn by doing.
Bridging Technology, Creativity, and Play

Bridging Technology, Creativity, and Play

Our Classes focus on exploration and play, we use accessible technology that does not hinder the creative process.  We focus on the process, and teaching how to express oneself creatively.

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Private and Group Classes

Want to organize a private group class for your child and friends?  Does your child want to learn the ins and outs of editing in Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premier?  We offer in-home classes and workshops, CinemaKidz will bring all the necessary equipment to run a successful class customized to the interests and passions of your child.

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Interested in starting your own private group class with friends?  Get in touch with us to start planning!