Virtual Classes

CK Virtual Classes 

Fall Virtual Classes Registration Now Open

Live interactive classes  for ages 7-15

Private and small group classes offered daily

Customized workshops available


Classes offered throughout the day to accommodate for different schedules and TIME zones.  Custom private and group courses available at affordable rates.

Fall Classes beginning October, Register now!

CK Virtual-Classes Have Gone National

Check out our virtual reel and see what Cinemakidz is all about

Cinemakidz Virtual classes for kids provide a fun and interactive way to explore filmmaking, acting, storytelling and a wide variety of media from the comfort of your home.  Classes are led by New York City’s best teachers and experts in each subject.  Cinemakidz Virtual classes utilize face to face technology. Classes are limited to a small group of participants keeping everyone collaborating and engaged. Many of the classes include our carefully curated CK-Maker Kits specific to each class. CK-Maker Kits include high quality materials and supplies. From tripods, microphones, and green screens, to a wide array of art supplies and costume materials. Our kits are unique, fun, and inspirational. Kits are mailed to you before the start of class – Keep the gear and continue to create media with it for years to come. Kids will learn important skills they can use beyond just this class.

A Creative Space to Learn and Socialize…  (Distantly)

Virtual Classes in a variety of subjects

Small classes to keep your CinemaKid engaged

Offering weekly 60-minutes after school classes for all time zones

Private and custom programs available to fit your needs and interests

CinemaKidz Maker Kits

virtual art classes for kids

CK-Maker Kits Shipped To Your Door 

Get the gear and become a media pro 

Each CK-Maker Kit is carefully curated for each class

kits are unique, fun, and inspirational

Keep the gear after class ends and continue creating for years to come

Fast shipping nationwide


Registration remains open for the first 3 classes of every semester.


Classes are offered Monday – Friday, once a week.


Pricing varies based on length of course and materials included.


We offer financial aid on a case-by-case basis.

YouTube Production

Prosthetics + Special Effects

Roblox Developer

Video Editing + Cinematography

Computer Animation

The Director's Chair

Stop motion animation

Acting + Improvisation

Graphic Design

Storyboarding + Comic Books

After Effects + Filmmaking

Want to arrange a private or small group class with friends?


We will create a custom course and schedule, with no extras fees involved!


Cinemakidz virtual classes utilize the ZOOM - video learning platform for face-to-face interaction

Certain classes have technology requirements, please reach out with any questions!

Several classes that require specific materials will include a materials kits which you get to keep after the class ends!

Once registered, we provide a detailed list of software, materials, or set up necessary for the class. We mostly utilize free software for classes, however for some classes specific software will be necessary.

The materials kit is delivered via FedEx, in most instances it will arrive in just a few days after registration. If you register close to or after the class begins, we will ensure you will still have a great experience without the kit!

School Partnerships Throughout the Country

Become a partner, and bring creativity to your community

Thanks for your interest in CinemaKidz! 

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