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S.T.E.A.M. Summer Camps 



Film, Animation, and Art Summer Camps

in New York City

2021 Locations:


Outdoor Only @ Prospect Park (July 6 – August 6th)



Downtown Brooklyn – SLA School 9 Hanover Pl. (June 28th – August 20th)

(*closed July 5th)


Manhattan – Pine Street School – 25 Pine Street (July 6th – August 6th)


Calling all kids and creators, ages 5 to 15!

Join CinemaKidz this summer and become a Filmmaker, Animator, Actor, Game or Costume Designer, and so much more!  Children explore media and technology as they learn the fundamentals of storytelling, cinematography, editing, and other media arts in a hands-on creative environment.  Projects are completely kid-made from start to finish; we encourage experimentation, risk taking, and collaboration.



Film an adventure tale with your friends at exciting locations throughout the city, produce and direct a cooking show, or create a Mandolorian costume and star in the next great space saga; with over 14 week-long, age-appropriate camps to choose from, your maker is sure to have an unforgettable time at summer camp.



Offering both campus-based camps in Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as a 100% all outdoor summer camp in prospect park.  Campus-based locations will have strict COVID protocols in place and will spend a minimum of 40% of the week outside working on projects and having fun in the sun!


The CK Summer Team is made up of true artists, filmmakers, and experienced educators. Teachers can teach the basics, as well as advanced techniques. We staff at a small ratio to ensure campers get the attention they need. Counselors are all 18+, background checked, and thoroughly trained to ensure your child has the best summer yet!


We teach campers the tools to express themselves creatively, guiding children through the entire process of filmmaking or animation. Kids to take the reigns and are involved in every stop of production. Unlike many filmmaking camps where adults direct, edit, and take over the set, we make sure kids create their own work, and are proud of what they do!


Children are broken up by age and ability at camp. Teachers are experienced and able to teach to all levels, from the novice filmmaker to the experienced expert. Children use accessible equipment and software that teaches the fundamentals of filmmaking and animation, with programs ranging from iMovie to Adobe Suite!


CinemaKidz is dedicated to providing the most safe, trustworthy, and fun in-person summer camp in 2021. We are working hard to develop and implement strict safety measures and protocol to keep our campers, staff, and community safe in this new time. Children and counselors will be equipped with PPE, hand sanitizer and masks, and we will practice social distancing whenever possible. Camps will also occur outside when we can: lunch will be held outdoors, and many of the camps will enjoy filming and creative work outside in the nearby park. We will continue to follow guidelines from state, local, and health officials and keep our policies up to date. For more information:


Glad you asked!

See what happens at Camp CinemaKidz

A day at Camp Cinemakidz is jam-packed with activities and fun!  Kids start the week off working in small groups, and collaborating with one another to make projects and get familiar with the technology and equipment.  As the week progresses so do the complexity of projects, kids build valuable skills and learn by doing.  Each week concludes with a film festival for friends and family to showcase all the amazing kid-made work.

Summer Camp Highlights:


14 Week-long themes to choose from


M – F, 9am – 4pm (extended day 8am – 5:30pm)

*Closed July 5th


See theme descriptions for ages and pricing

In-Person Weekly Themes To Choose From 

Outdoor Only Camps @ Prospect Park

Brooklyn & Manhattan Locations: Theme Offerings 

40% or more spent outdoors

Survivor Kids (80% Outdoors)

Skateboard Films (80% Outdoors)

NYC Movie Adventurers (80% Outdoors)

GameShow Camp (80% Outdoors)

Creative Film (70% Outdoors)


YouTube Production


3D Moviemaking

Computer Animation

Special Effects

Acting on Film

Video Game Design + Coding

Art Direction: Props, costumes....

Check out each locations full camp calendar


Everyday is full of activity at CinemaKidz, and camps focus on outdoor activities.

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Early bird Options

8am - 9am

The normal camp day runs from 9am - 4pm, however Early Bird is available beginning at 8am. In-person summer camp is located in Downtown Brooklyn, conveniently near several neighborhoods and tons of transportation options!

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Creative Work and Collaboration

9am - 12pm

For camps that stay on site, kids participate in engaging and hands-on projects every day from building sets and costumes to directing scenes and editing. In 2021, camps will head outside whenever possible to film and work in the sunshine! Projects are focused on collaboration and the sharing of ideas. Kids are broken up by age and ability in each theme, and we staff at 1:5 so everyone gets the attention they need.

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Lunch and Snacks

12 - 12:30pm

At CinemaKidz, campers are active all day long. We ask that families pack their children with 2 snacks and a hearty lunch to keep the energy up all day long! We take a lunch at noon, and have games and activities on site for some fun downtime.

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Outdoor Time + Play

12pm - 1:30pm

Everyday the camps get some fresh air at a nearby park or field. We will eat lunch and enjoy some free time outside, playing structured games like soccer or freeze tag. Kids can also just run around and play together. Sometimes campers may spend the time capturing footage for their projects.

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Gaining Skills With Technology

1:30 - 4pm

Camp CinemaKidz offers a flexible program that helps kids find their creative passion and lets it thrive. Kids are involved in every step of filmmaking and animation, and have the opportunity to take their interests far. Interested in editing? We can tailor the week to focus more on that for your child, showing them how to use professional software include Adobe Premiere. With computers, cameras, and a variety of equipment available, we bring your child's ideas to life!

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A Creative Community + Extended Day


At the end of every day, all the camps come together to share what they worked on and learned that day. Each week ends in a Friday Film Festival where parents and friends can come see all the hard work and amazing projects from the week. We offer Late Bird beginning at 4:15 - 5:30pm.



Frequently Asked Questions

My child has a special request, or topic they want to learn about.

Great!  We love to learn about what kids are passionate about.  Because the CK staff are so experienced, and have a  diverse set of skills and background, we can work closely with your child and help them learn more about what they’re passionate about!  Want to learn all about editing, or focus on cinematography for the week?  Sounds great, we will teach you all about it!

If I sign my child up for two weeks of Creative Filmmaking, will it be the same camp again?

Nope!  When you register for camp, you will have the option to select which badge you are earning, and what your child will focus on that week.  Take the same theme multiple times and specialize in different elements of the topic!  Every week is completely different, because the story ideas and projects vary greatly with the creative minds of the group.  You can sign up for Creative Filmmaking for all 8 weeks and never do the same thing!

I have a 13 year old, will there be other kids their age?

Yes!  We have campers of all ages, ranging from 5 to 15 years old.  Children are grouped with children of the same age and ability.

Do you provide lunch?

We do not.  We ask the you provide lunch and two snacks for your child for the day.vised and are safely traveling.

Where do campers go during NYC Movie Adventurers?

The CK team has scouted out NYC, and found some really special and cinematic locations for kids to choose from when planning their production.  Email us and we will send you the full list of locations!

Do you go outside each day?

Yes!  We make sure to go outside each day for lunch to enjoy the sun and burn off some energy.  Outdoor time consists of both structured games, as well as free time to run around.  In Summer 2021, we will bring project work outside as much as we can, a minimum of 40% of the camp experience will be outdoors in open air.  Children will plan, build, gather natural materials, film, edit, and more all outdoors in the local parks.


Some of our camps spend the majority of the day outside, including NYC Movie Adventurers,Skateboard Filmmaking camp, Survivor Kids, and Gameshow Camp.


We also have the all-outdoors camps offered in Prospect Park.

How are kids grouped at camp?

Children are grouped by age and ability.  This ensures our teachers are focusing on relevant, age-appropriate filmmaking and animation techniques.  Kids also have time to come together with the other camps, and interact with both older and younger kids at times.

How big is the camp?

We staff at a 1:5 ratio for teacher to student.  Sections are capped at 10 students with 2 staff working in a pod.  We keep each theme small and intimate so that kids have a lot of creative input, get the attention they need from the teachers, and they don’t get lost in the crowd.  It ensures a safe and successful week.  Some camps are extremely limited due to how much attention the content needs from the teachers.

What should I bring to camp?

We send out a helpful list of what to bring closer to camp time, but generally we ask parents to bring the following items:


  • A change of clothes (in case we get into some water)
  • Sunscreen
  • A book
  • Comfortable closed toe sneakers
  • A re-usable water bottle

Camp is expensive, do you offer financial aid and discounts?

We try to make summer camp accessible to all students regardless of financials.  We do offer financial aid on a case-by-case basis, shoot us an email or give us a call to discuss your financial needs.


We also offer various promotions and discounts to make coming to camp a little easier.

What is your refund policy?

Due to a changing world, we have updated our refund policy to be more accommodating for an uncertain time.  Please refer to the following:


  • Before April 1st = Full Refund (minus 6% administration + credit card fees)
  • April 1st – May 1st = 50% Refund 
  • May st – June 1st = 25% Refund
  • June 1st onward = Refunds will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis


In the event that in-person summer camp does not run for any reason, you will be provided with a full refund or a credit, depending on what you choose.


**At any time, you may switch your camp experience to virtual camp and for any week it is offered, as long as there is space in the virtual options.

What are your COVID Policies?

We aim to create a safe environment for children and their families, the staff, and the community at large.  While the policies are constantly evolving to mirror best practices created by DOH, DOE, and other institutions, here are the most commonly asked protocols:


  • Masks are mandated indoors at all times, and encouraged outdoors in open spaces
  • International travel and/or travel off the continent requires a negative PCR exam from all household member as shown when entering the country, as well as a negative test 4+ days after returning to the US.  We encourage families not to travel within 14 days of attending camp
  • Every morning of camp, families will be required to fill out a standard health clearance screening and must pass in order to attend camp
  • We will social distance when possible while indoors
  • Lunch will be eaten outside whenever possible
  • Children will remain in pods and with their small group whenever possible
  • All teachers are fully vaccinated by or before the start of camp
  • Materials are frequently wiped down throughout the day
  • The facility is deep cleaned every day before camp
  • The facilities have state – of – the – art ventilation systems to ensure fresh clean air is circulated and filtered


For any questions, or for a full list of COVID protocols, please email or call!


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