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NYC Film And Media Programs for Kids

Summer Camp, Birthday Parties, After School And Special Events  

Why is Film Important?

Film is a powerful medium to share ideas and express your creative voice 

Filmmaking and Media is a means to explore the world around us.  At CinemaKidz, we offer the best filmmaking classes for kids. Children discover their passions and get hands on experience with the latest technology and equipment, while having fun and learning to express themselves.  Focusing on collaboration and planning, children build vital soft skills and refine their creative voice using technical tools.  Children gain confidence and a sense of pride in their creative work.

Filmmaking Camps and Workshops

Offering a variety of moviemaking programs for kids from ages 5 - 15 years old, from introductory classes to advanced levels.

Animation Programs

Exploring Stop-motion and computer animation, children utilize various materials and professional software to bring their imaginations and ideas to the big screen.

Specialty Steam Classes

This is Filmmaking with a twist. We incorporate drones, robotics, even skateboarding and go-carts. Classes that are sure to spark the interest of any child!

CinemaKidz Bridges Technology and Creativity

Kid-made Projects from Start to Finish.  Where children find their creative voice.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

New York City’s most exciting summer camp for filmmaking, animation, and speciality programs.  Summer Camp 2019 will be located at Pine Street School in downtown Manhattan, from June 24th – August 23rd, 2019.
Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Lights, Camera, Party Time! A unique birthday party experience.  Choose from a variety of themes including Music Videos, scripted movie, and stop animation, where guests become the stars and directors of their very own productions.
After School

After School

CinemaKidz is partnered with schools across the city offering a wide variety of Film and Media after-school programming. We offer age-appropriate, hands-on classes.  See a list of our schools and get in touch to bring us to yours.


When school’s out of session, we keep things moving with specialty workshops and film/builder break camps.  Camps like drone movie making, NYC adventures, and skateboard video maker. Learn more here

What Makes CinemaKidz Special?

film camp for kids nyc - Cinemakidz

Hands-on Learning

Children learn filmmaking by practicing and doing

At CinemaKidz, imaginations take flight! The program focuses on play and practice as a means to explore film and animation. Participants have the opportunity to really test and try the fundamentals of moviemaking, learning in a hands-on, child-driven atmosphere that promotes risk taking and creativity. We push the limits of what people assume kids can do.

top film school for kids new york city

Encouraging Creativity and Innovation

Children have fun while building vital Soft Skills

CK’s uniquely designed curricula encourages children to interact with filmmaking and the technology in a playful and hands-on manner. Children are encouraged to troubleshoot, ask questions, take risks, and make mistakes. Kids build vital soft skills, as they collaborate, plan, and refine their projects in a program that encourages exploration.

movies making summer camp for children's in NYC

A Means to Express A Young Voice

Children gain confidence in themselves

At CinemaKidz, we listen to children. Participants have the freedom to choose topics that are relevant to them. Kids are involved in every step of filmmaking from start to finish, projects are kid-made and kid-approved. Children gain a real sense of ownership over their work, and build confidence. Children can master a tool they can use to express their creative voice and ideas.

Join us for Summer Camp 2019

Summer Filmmaking Camps 2019

@ Green Ivy’s Pine Street School in Lower Manhattan

just 1 block north of Wall Street

Offering sibling and friend discounts, August promotions, and financial aid.

CinemaKidz offers children ages 5-15 the chance to become Filmmakers, Animators, Movie-stars, and Adventurers when they join us for Summer Camp in Downtown Manhattan. Whether your child dreams of being the next Scorsese or a YouTuber, we guarantee every child will find their creative voice through film and animation at CinemaKidz.  Offering 9 themes for children to choose from.

Themes Include:

Filmmaking Camps

Filmmaking Camps

CinemaKidz offers filmmaking summer camps for children ages 5 – 15!  Campers learn to direct, run cameras, act for the screen, plan original ideas, edit films and more.  Camps range from introductory to advanced themes.
Skateboard Videos Camp

Skateboard Videos Camp

Joins us for Skateboard Filmmaking Camp!  Campers start the week making a fully customized deck.  Utilizing outdoor sports filmmaking equipment, children head outside to practice tricks and make skate videos. 
Animation Camps

Animation Camps

Build mini-movie studios and learn the art of stop-motion animation, or practice using Adobe Suite and learn computer animation!  CinemaKidz offers animation summer camp programs for kids of all ages, join us for a maker bonanza.
Specialty Camps

Specialty Camps

CinemaKidz offers unique summer camps for kids in NYC, from scouting out and filming in secret locations, to building drones for aeronautic movies, we’ve got something for every child!  Join us for a week-long camp, and discover passions you never knew you had.

Make their Next Birthday the Best One Yet.

Unique Music Video, Moviemaking, and Animation birthday parties for children ages 5 – 15.

best filmmaking classes in new york

Music Video Birthday Parties

Together your child and their friends will shoot a professional music video starring all the birthday guests!  Kids act, dance, dress up, and work on set as director, camera operator, and crew.

Movie Making Birthday Parties

We bring your child’s original movie idea to life, in this unique movie making birthday party production.  Guests act, direct, run cameras, and work on a real movie set for the party of a lifetime.

film academy for kids in new york
movie making summer camp in NYC

Animation Birthday Parties

Love legos and building?  Children build characters and props, and film animations in mini-movie studios for a special maker birthday party event!

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