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Steam & media after school classes for kids


The Cinemakidz after school program is a hands on maker experience designed to provide children with the opportunity to explore the art of film and animation.  An afternoon with us opens up opportunities to build, create, act, design props, explore storytelling, utilize technology, and most importantly express oneself creatively.  Included in our program are the basic tenants of STEM: planning, exploring options, making repairs, and finishing your work, while fostering self-reliance, problem solving, confidence and creativity.

We bring all the materials and equipment necessary for a dynamic, child-driven class.  Our staff are experienced teaching artists, trained to work individually with each participant to pinpoint where their passions and creativity lies.


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CinemaKidz can facilitate after school classes, including weekly 1 to 2 hours workshops or more involved partnerships.  We have also worked with several private and public schools to facilitate in-school field trips and special events.  We would love to hear from you, and help plan a special program for the students at your school.

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Our Most Popular Offerings

Curriculum designed to fit your school’s current demand, age levels, and educational mission

As a child’s creativity grows, they require a broad array of materials & skills to express thoughts, ideas, and passions.  Adventures in Animation does just that.  Students learn how to utilize a wide range of tools & materials to build props, sets, and create a stop-motion animations.  Children will also learn post-production, as they add sounds and visual effects to their films.  Over the course of the classes, children will learn the art of storytelling and make several short films, culminating in a film festival for friends and family.

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Cinnessentials teaches the fundamentals of filmmaking in a positive, creative, and team-oriented setting.  Every child is encouraged to stretch their imagination and experiment with the filmmaking process.  Children will work together in a collaborative environment to plan and rehearse for their film.  Using professional equipment and technology, participants will learn to work on a real film set.  Once the filming is done, participants will learn to edit their films, adding audio tracks and special effects.  The class will culminate in a film festival for friends and families.

*limited to 2nd grade and up

In this after school class, children will learn the art of documenting real life, and telling a story through film.  Students will be introduced briefly to the history of the documentary, and view several famous clips from films.  Students will work in groups to formulate a question or topic they want to dive into.  Every child will learn how to create a documentary by: gathering information, interviewing people, researching a topic in depth, and formulating an opinion or argument for their film.  Students will learn how to use all the necessary film equipment, and learn to edit their film together on professional-grade software.  The class will culminate in a CinemaKidz documentary festival for parents, family and friends.



After School Classes For Parents


We offer Private In-Home After School Sessions with your child and their friends.  This class is fully customizable depending on the children’s interests and skills.  Our professional film educators will teach movie making ranging from a traditional narrative film, to experimental creative storytelling.  Focuses for these classes can include the fundamentals of video editing, hands-on prop creation, acting, script writing, stop-animation and more!

CinemaKidz will pick you child and their friends up from school and take them to the chosen home location within NYC.  Our staff brings all the materials necessary for each session with them, and classes can range from 1.5-hour to 2-hour sessions, depending on parental needs.

We can offer these classes weekly, bi-weekly, or as a one-time workshop.

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