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Offering Workshops on Weekends and School Holidays.

Film, Animation, and STEAM Workshops & Break Camps

When schools out, CinemaKidz offers a wide variety of hands-on media programs for kids

CinemaKidz offers the best programs for kids, year-round.  We offer break camps when school is out of session, as well as weekend workshops, throughout New York City.  Programs range for specialty themes like Skateboard Filmmaking or Public Service Announcement videos, to special effects classes and acting classes.

Previous Camps Include:

Election Day - Public Service Videos

Kids choose a topic thats meaningful to them and learn the ins and outs of movie making as they plan, film, and edit a short PSA film.

MLK Day - Podcasting

Kids learn about the art of Podcasting, as they pick up a recorder and head out grab interviews, and sound effects, then learn to edit it together to create a meaningful sound piece.

Spring Break - Survivor Show

Head to the park and act in a fun Survivor Spoof Show.  Kids learn about building shelters, and making fires, while making a fun tv show!

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