Birthday Party Packages

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Lights, Camera, Party Time!!

A unique, creative birthday party experience.


Children become super-stars, directors and cinematographers for a day.  We work with your child to create a completely original movie party idea, from scripted feature films and music videos, to commercials and stop-motion animations.  Your child is involved in every step of the production.

Our birthday parties for kids are more than just a couple hours of fun, every party is a full-fledged creative experience.


 We offer parties in our locations throughout the city or in-home, at no additional cost 

*We Travel!  

We will bring our mobile production to New Jersey, Long island, and parts of Westchester and Connecticut for both in-home, and event space parties


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What makes our parties so special?


kids making movies


Children learn technical skills 

    • Use professional film equipment
    • Learn the basics of real movie-making, and animation
    • Learn how to work on a team
    • discover new passions and develop new skills


Completely customizable and child-driven


    • Kids take part in all pre-production including: scriptwriting, choreography, set design
    • Every script is original, driven by your child’s dreams for the big screen
    • No extra charge for additional  creative planning and collaboration



hands on stem program

Stem classes


Helping kids explore new passions  

    • parties for all interests: acting, dancing, music, writing, and more.
    • Designed to be interdisciplinary
    • Experienced teaching artists leading parties
    • Versatile and tailored to your child’s interests

Join our happy customers

Amazing birthday for my 7 year old girl.  She and her friends had a blast learning a choreographed dance and learning about how a real film set works. Highly recommend it! – Christina M.

“Had a birthday party for my 9 year old there and she had a blast!  Super fun– young guests asked me “Where did you FIND this amazing place?– when that comes from the kids, you know it’s a good party.  The staff worked so well with children– despite the large numbers attending the party, CinemaKidz staff were unflappable and sweet throughout.” – Rhoda K.

Birthday Party Packages


Each one is just a starting point, we will work with you to create the perfect party.


The Scripted Movie Party

Best birthday parties for kids niece


From pre-production to the finished film, your birthday kid has a part in the entire process. This package is most popular for children fascinated by movies, acting and movie making. We’ll work with you and your child via Skype prior to the party to decide on a theme and write a script. Possible movie ideas include, adventure tales, Harry Potter spoofs, mysteries, news shows, infomercials and even cooking shows.  Your child and their friends get to use professional-grade cameras, sound and special effects equipment and experience film production in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

Whats Included:

    • 60 minute Skype planning session prior to party
    • Optional digital invitation
    • Original movie script
    • 3+ Teaching Artists
    • Professional HD camera kit, lights, and necessary equipment
    • Basic Costume accessories
    • A private link to the finished edited film
    • A digital copy for all the guests

Price: $1000 for up to 10 children (additional guest is $50)

*please email for video examples

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Music Video Parties  

music video parties for kids

This is our most requested party! Your child picks their favorite song and together we shoot a professional music video starring the birthday kid and all their friends! We bring all the equipment needed to shoot a professional grade music video.  This package includes a choreographer on the day of the party to help the kids get their groove on.  It’s a ton of fun for the party goers and parents.  This package puts acting, dancing, and music-loving together for a truly engaging time.

Whats Included:

    • 60 minutes Skype party planning session
    • Optional digital invitation
    • 3+ Teaching Artists
    • 1 Professional Choreographer
    • Professional HD camera kit, lights, and necessary equipment
    • A private link to the finished edited film
    • A digital copy for all the guests

Price: $900 for up to 10 children (additional guest is $50)

*please email for video examples

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Adventures in Animation

Animation classes for kids niece

Adventures in Animation is for the maker in all of us. Together your child and their friends will create original stop animation movies featuring colorful sets (think diorama) and characters made from a wide array of crafts.   Materials can range from wood and clay, to legos and anything we can think up. Party goers can work in small groups or work together to create a longer feature film.  Every guest will get copies of the animations, and will take home the props they created.


Whats Included:

    • 60 minute Skype planning session prior to party
    • Customized materials kit for guets
    • Animation movie set
    • Cameras, lights, tripods kits for the guests
    • USB wrist band for each guest with films
    • Guests leave with their prop(s)

Price: $600 for up to 10 children (additional guest is $50)

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